Here is my VERY VERY VERY BESPOKE TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER .. NEW 12MTH MOT & Brand new rear tyre added today ( 18/6/24)
Been extensively and professionally done over the last 9 years …The list of mods and stuff is endless and it truly needs to be seen because not one of the pics does it justice .
Its been my pride and joy…Even riding it up, the isle when I got married..
I saw a version of this bike over 15 years ago and I knew I had to have one of them ..BUT BETTER and this thing i assure you will not be topped unless someone has spent literally tens of thousands of pounds and had extensive professional modifications done.
The Suspension ( ohlins front and rear) , Exhaust (full zard itailian) and Wheels( talon hubs ..did dirt star rims- the front wheel is infact a rear one for you to get idea of width and presence.. ) alone are over £11500 worth……Then add in the little bits everywhere else…a £500 seat …billet alloy parts…LED lights, triple pot front Nissan Calliper, Rear Modded calliper …wavy discs, pegs…levers…chain and sprockets ..sump guards…its endless and all accumulates in a VERY BESPOKE BIKE indeed…
It stops folk everywhere …. Its priced where it is at and needs to be bought by someone that appreciates what.s been done and has the £££ to own it…
Please no swaps or daft offers .. If the bike sells …the money is going towards house improvements (to the wife!!!) so if it does’nt sell be it…it can stay parked in its nice warm garage its spent its life in….
Genuine folk only…PLEASE COME and see… Thanks for looking ….
I could deliver if bike pre paid for and fee agreed for delivery …( not promising but its possible as I have van and self employed time) ..Im not driving it somewhere to be ” looked at” sure you understand.
Sus / wheels / exhaust are £11500 so a sensible offer over £11k please