BSMC Classifieds

Created by Bike Shed Moto Co, Bike Shed Classifieds is our solution to buying or selling a custom motorcycle online, allowing you to List or Search a bike by Style, Type and Configuration instead of starting with Make and Model.

i.e. If you want a “big single-cylinder custom street-scrambler” you might not care whether it’s built on a Suzuki, Honda or Yamaha base, but you do care that it’s over 400cc and under 800cc. Likewise, if you are seeking a “750cc-1000cc Cafe Racer” you might prefer a Parallel Twin to a V-Twin, and don’t want an In-line 4.

Make, Model, Year, Price, Distance, etc, are all there too, but are not the lead search items.

We are also the biggest independent motorcycle community with over a decade of shows, events and venues and a huge online following, so sellers get more qualified views while buyers will see more of what they are looking for, without wading through hundreds of irrelevant listings. In some ways, less is more. We’d much rather have 100 amazing builds on this website than list thousands of pointless machines that no-one wants.



Why Choose Us?

Builders & Buyers

When listing a custom motorcycle on a typical classified motorcycle listings site, few buyers understand what goes into a custom bike build.

This website is for informed buyers and sellers who understand the difference between a custom bike that has been through a cosmetic upgrade with bolt-on parts, versus a custom bike that started with a full engine rebuild, upgraded electrics, modern brakes, suspension and running gear - before making it into a unique custom build with fabrication, chopping, welding and custom bodywork.

BSMC Community

Bike Shed Moto Co has the biggest custom motorcycle community in the world, so your ad will reach a huge range of custom fans and aficionados, many of whom closely follow other builders and amateurs and generally know what they are looking at.

Our community is not only a little more informed than most, they're also part of a culture that loves the scene, with buyers who want to support builders, and sellers who just want an honest and fair price for the work they put into the bike they're selling.

Beyond Brands

The make and model of a donor bike is important, but when it comes to a custom build it's not always the driving factor in listing or seeking a bike, which is why we start out with the style of bike.

Being able to search for a V-twin Cafe Racer or a big single Street Tracker may be more use than searching endless Harley-Davidson & Yamaha Virago listings for a cafe'd cruiser or browsing hundreds of Japanese single-cylinder trail-bikes hoping to stumble across the perfect custom tracker made from an XL, NX, DR, KLR etc.