Bike Shed Classifieds is our solution to buying or selling a custom motorcycle online, allowing you to List or Search a bike by Style, Type and Configuration instead of starting with Make and Model.
i.e. If you want a “big single-cylinder custom street-scrambler” you might not care whether it’s built on a Suzuki, Honda or Yamaha base, but you do care that it’s over 400cc and under 800cc. Likewise, if you are seeking a “750cc-1000cc Cafe Racer” you might prefer a Parallel Twin to a V-Twin, and don’t want an In-line 4.
Make, Model, Year, Price, Distance, etc, are all there too, but are not the lead search items.

ADVENTURE/DESERT – Tall, Dakar-style big Adv or Trailbike with or without tall screens and luggage, customised or resto-modded for adventures, big and small.
BOBBER – Cut-down “bobbed” fenders & bodywork, usually with single floating or sprung seat.
BRAT STYLE – Flat bench seat on a looped subframe, wide handlebars, single headlight, fat street tyres.
CAFE RACER – Stripped-down street-racer with clip-on handlebars, rear-set footpegs, racing seat, with or without fairing.
CHOPPER/CRUISER/BAGGER – V-Twin, feet forward, relaxed American vibes, …add Bags to make it a Bagger.
DONOR – Quality donor bike for a custom project. No crap please.
ELECTRIC – Plug n Play. Literally.
OTHER – I’m 100% sure that no style category on here fits my bike.
PERFORMANCE V-TWIN – Performance parts, e.g. brakes, wheels, pipes, engine tune, on a big V-Twin.
RETRO NAKED – Resto-modded or custom streetbike, eg. RD350s, original Honda Hornets, Bandits, CB1100s, noughties ZXR1200s and more.
RETRO RACER – 80s, 90s and noughties resto-mod or custom street/sports-bike.
SCRAMBLER/TRACKER/SLED – Off-road, dirt or dual-sport tyres, wide bars, bench seat, probably a high-level exhaust pipe. Definitely Steve McQueen vibes.
VINTAGE/CLASSIC – Proper old-school classic motorcycles with mostly original parts and vintage looks.

In short, No.
Bike Shed Custom Classifieds is simply a listing website (just like Autotrader), and whilst we will take some responsibility to monitor the site for any nefarious activity, this is a peer-to-peer platform where we are not involved in sales.
Please do your own research, and treat this site like any marketplace or auto-trading website.
Beware standard scams, like; overpayment by check, followed by request for a refund, or offers that are too good to be true, or “on behalf of a friend” or “I work on an oil rig”. etc…
We’re sorry to hear this! Please email with your listing details, and the problem you are having, and one of our team will help you out.

Please contact us on and we will help with this matter. We will remove and ban any Sellers or Buyers who breach or terms and conditions, or appear to be involved in fraudulent or dishonest behaviour.

No, you have a ‘bank’ of ads and can list each one when ready,.

Even if you only have a phone camera it’s possible to take decent pictures of your bike. Here’s How.

Yes, just manage the ads on your dashboard and pay again for more time, whether it’s expired or still live.
To protect your identity, protect you from spam and deter fraudsters, we have an internal private messaging system which you can access whenever you log in. We will email you every time you have a new message or new reply. Do check that you are getting our emails, and consider ‘white-listing” our email address;
Simply put your phone number or email into the description copy of your ad. Just bear in mind you might have less protection from time-wasters and fraudsters.
There are loads of online fraudsters out there. If an offer is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. In particular, look out for anyone mailing you a cheque for too much money and then asking you to refund the difference. This is a classic fraud. Also don’t give your address out lightly and be suspicious if a buyer doesn’t turn up. They may come back when you are not home! We suggest that you use Google to search for an updated list of common automotive online fraud techniques. Please do report any odd activity to us, and/or the Police.

We do select a few special on-Sale bikes to be on display in our London or LA showrooms, marked online as being “at the Shed” but you will need to arrange this via the team at the venue.

So – if your bike is very special, email and write “Classifieds at the Shed” in the subject line for our consideration.

If we don’t reply we probably don’t have room.

As already mentioned – We are simply a listings page, connecting informed buyers to informed sellers, and while we do moderate Ads and deal with issues as best we can, we cannot be responsible for buyers or sellers honesty or authenticity. Please use the same common sense as you would for any other private purchase. If you have any issues with a sale or purchase you will need to communicate with the buyer or seller, or involve the law if things go badly wrong. On a positive note our community is usually more honest and helpful than you might find on Social Media Marketplaces or generic Automotive listings pages. Also – If someone lists a bike as a Pro, they might offer some form of warranty, but this is not a requirement on our side.