The World Cup Rocket was commissioned for Ben Cohen’s testimonial and commemorates the England wins, at both the 2003 Rugby and 1966 Football World Cups in which Ben and his Uncle George played in respectively.

As well as additional chrome work the paintwork by Altamura is the key feature of the bike.
The tank features both of the world cup trophies in gold leaf with the Red rose of England entwined around the trophies. The sides of the tank have the Three Lions watermarked on one side and the English rose watermarked on the other, with hand painted stitching between the colors to finish it off. This watermarking and stitching is continued across the side panels and the front and rear mudguards. To top of the tank, it has also been signed by Sir Geoff Hurst and Martin Johnson before being sealed under lacquer, making this a unique one-off paint job and an investment for the future.
The front mudguard as well as the watermarks depicts the St Georges cross and the dates of the two memorable world cup wins.
The rear mudguard shows Sir Geoff Hurst and Johnny Wilkinson Kicking the winning goals emblazoned once again on a fluttering St Georges Cross Flag.
More photos are available of the bike including some of the paintwork during its design and painting and some professional studio photos. There are also pictures from Ben Cohen’s Charity Testimonial dinner including members of both winning teams to support the provenance of the bike.