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Fresh from the Bike Shed show we are now offering the gorgeous BHC Motorcycles hard tail for sale. Engine was removed and the frame, pegs and kickstand powder coated silver. Tank, rear hugger and rad cover is beautifully finished in Blackberry purple. Velocity stack fitted, carb re jetted and pulling like a train. In house, fabricated exhaust, steel oil tank housing electrics and expansion bottle. Minimal switchgear behind that new headlamp bucket and yellow wrapped glass. Wide bars set it all off and handling is sweet helped by the right spring rate for the seat and the optimum viscocity fork oil. Oh and a brand new chain has just been fitted. We’ve covered 500+ miles on this bike to make sure it’s the best it could be and to ensure that if you do hit that pot hole you didn’t see coming you don’t end up wearing certain items of your anatomy as earings. We’ve loved every minute of building, owning and riding this bike and so will you. Call Steve on 07809474251