1980 – Phoenix (Build by El Lobo Cycles)

This started off as a 1980 FX Shovel …… but was completely redone. When it states ELC, the work was done in-house.

– ELC Welded in drop-seat castings (JIG welded in-house)
– ELC Welded in torpedo oil-tank with battery box integrated, antigravity battery.
– ELC Adjustable lowering swingarm.
– ELC stainless laced 21″ front, 16″ rear.
– ELC Complete engine and transmission rebuild – as new
– ELC stainless 2-in-1 exhaust headers and muffler
– TechCycle Performance 3″ belt drive
– TechCycle Performance starter
– Super-E Carb
– ELC ‘Suck it up’ Velocity Stack
– ELC Collars
– ELC Point Cover
– ELC 39mm Narrow triple trees – IL Style
– ELC Side mount headlight with visor
– ELC Pullback Risers – IL Style
– ELC Stainless steel forward controls
– ECL ‘Still Standing’ Kickstand
– ELC Stainless floating caliper bracket rear.
– PM Brakes front and rear
– ELC Seat Pan with Takakuda Tooled Leather

And so many other parts that we are forgetting.

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