FL 1982 – Kojak (El Lobo Cycles)

Kojak started as an absolute basket case 1982 FL. We stayed close to the look of the original, completely rebuild the bike with upgraded parts. When it states ELC, the work was done in-house.

– ELC Welded in drop-seat castings (JIG welded in-house)
– ELC Welded in rubber mounted torpedo oil-tank, battery box integration with antigravity battery
– Adjustable lowering swingarm with ELC drop Axle CNC-ed plates
– ELC complete engine rebuild with CAM upgrade
– ELC complete trans rebuild
– ELC stainless steel bars, internal lines and hydraulic throttle
– ELC seat
– ELC derby cover
– ELC hydraulic clutch cover
– ELC pie-cut 2in-1 stainless steel exhaust and muffler
– ELC velocity stack and points cover
– ELC cast collars
– ELC licence plate frame with integrated light
– LA Coatings Paintjob

And probably a few bits that we are forgetting.

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