Honda Rebel Bobber CMX500 (A2)



Here we have my extensively modified CMX500 rebel with over £3000 in parts added alone (not including labour)

Off the bat we have:

USA made forward controls £300
Slash cut end can £89.95
Kellerman Atto 3/1 rear lights £181.98
Black widow exhaust £159.99
Carbon Tech brake pads £64.29
Kellerman Atto indicators £75
Optimate lead £9.95
Iridium Spark Plugs £33.80
Hi Flo Air-Filter £14.49
Headlight £150
Rear fender £117.11
K-Speed diablo tank cover £184
K-Speed diablo reservoir cover £40
LSL Drag bars £60
Vans grips £24
Fully synthetic 10/30 oil with filter £58
Belly pan £180
Black number plate £14
Braided lines £236 plus £250 in labour.
Line fluid £18
K speed brake levers £81
K speed mirror adapters £21
K speed side fairings £87
YSS Pro Line rear shocks £729.50
Mirrors £81.50

I’ll be honest…the brakes and handling on this bike are sharp and far superior than standard. This is bike 6 in my stable and I’ve used my experience from my race bikes to ensure particular details and performance upgrades were made to make the bike feel 100 percent.

Reason for sale… I’m seeing what’s around. I feel the asking price is more than fair considering the effort and cost that went into this bike. It really does stand out from the crowd and gets as much attention as my Indian scout bobber.