Dragonita – Ground-Up Stainless Build (by El Lobo Cycles)

More Pictures will become available prior to the Bike Shed Show, as the bike is now being finished. Please check in again next week. But to give you an idea, this bike shares DNA with the bike we build for the finals of the Biltwell People’s Champ bike for this year.

This is a full custom build, ground up. When it states ELC, the work was done in-house.
– ELC full stainless swingarm Shovel frame (JIG build, in-house)
– ELC Swingarm – stainless – CNC drop-axle plates
– ELC aluminium torpedo oil-tank – rubber hung – integrated battery box with antigravity battery
– ECL ‘Still Standing’ Kickstand
– 1980 Shovel cases – Polished
– Speed and Science Cylinders
– Speed and Science Shovel head rear
– Speed and Science Panhead head Front
– S&S Super E with ELC Velocity stack
– FNA/Morris magneto
– Baker 6-in-4 transmission with hydraulic clutch
– TechCycle Performance – Paul Cox Primary chain drive
– TechCycle Performance starter
– ELC chromed invaders 21″ front, 16″ rear, Shinko Tyres
– ELC stainless handlebars with integrated lines and internal throttle (Mueller)
– KustomTech handlebar Controls
– ELC/Demeanor grips
– ELC side-mounted aluminium
– ELC pullback risers, IL style – brass
– ELC 39mm triple-trees, IL style, narrow, polished
– AN Gold 39mm legs -2 stock
– ELC shaved legs with ELC dustcaps and progressive suspension
– Gold anodised 4-caliper front/back
– ELC stainless forward controls with ISR MC
– ELC stainless floating caliper bracket rear
– ECL Seat pan – Leather by Paul Cox
– Ledsled rear fender with Pageant Paint

And parts we are forgetting to mention.