One of the most exciting custom builds of a generation, the R100X is a must for any connoisseur of custom bikes. With immaculate attention to detail and superior build quality, this is an engineering work of art.
According to Bikeexif: “It’s rare to see a custom bike where the engineering is allowed to shine at this level, and where the bike’s performance is sure to match how wild it looks.”

Notable Achievements and Media Coverage:
– Voted one of the Top 10 Custom Bikes of 2023 by BikeExif (
– Full feature article in BikeExif (
– Poster bike of the ‘Bike Shed Moto Show’ London 2024 (
– Cover bike of AboutBMW Magazine Italy, Volume #54 2023 (

The Bike Builder:
Ben Norton – F1 Engineer
Instagram @10til12

Bike Name:
R100X. The ‘X’ is a nod to the BMW G450X, a lightweight Enduro class bike which is stuffed full of innovative engineering (much like the R100X features).
The ‘X’ designation was also given as it would not be right to call the bike a GS if it had no GS components on it.

Build Style:
– Lightweight Desert Racer that is both practical and fun.
– A hybrid of old and new technology while trying to retain the airhead character and off-road legacy.

Builder USP:
– Using modern Formula One design practices to breathe new life into the custom bike building process.
– 3D scanning, Computer Aided Design, CNC machining and 3D printing to bring a bike from the digital world to reality.
– Striving for OEM-like build quality, with no stone left unturned and no expense spared.

The Donor Bike:
– Brand: BMW
– Model: R80R
– Year: 1995
– Very few of the donor parts were actually used: only parts of the frame, engine block and gearbox casing remain original.
Some parts from other bikes:
– Tank – BMW R65
– Forks – KTM 690 Enduro R
– Swing arm – BMW R100RT
– Final drive – BMW R80

– Custom designed billet timing and front cover to save 3.5kg and increase wheel clearance.
– Custom designed billet oil sump and bash plate to provide more ground clearance and match the lines of the exhaust and frame.
– Siebenrock 1000cc big bore kit running 9.5:1 compression ratio.
– Lightweight cut down engine block.
– Silent Hektik programmable ignition and alternator system.
– Oversized KnN airfilter sitting on a custom mounting plate with quick change tie down straps.
– Mandrel bent, equal length stainless steel exhaust with SC Project titanium muffler.
– Toyota Denso high torque heavy duty starter motor.
– Cerakote Ceramic coated castings, valve covers and billet components.
– Individual pull type chokes.

– Lowered final drive and first gear ratio to aid in low speed control.
– Raised 5th gear to compensate for lowered final drive.
– Custom billet gear lever with roller actuation and adjustable toe link.
– Custom billet clutch lever to provide a stiffer, more direct feel.

Frame, subframe and seat:
– Engine rotated nose-up to maximise rear suspension travel and increase ground clearance.
– Frame completely rebuilt with custom designed laser cut bracing brackets to address weak points and stiffen key areas.
– Custom hybrid steel and aluminium bolt-on rear sub frame to remove mass.
– Custom seat by Tom Hurley Custom Seats:
– Aluminium alloy seat base.
– Synthetic covering to match modern dirt bike look and feel, while keeping with the shame required for an older generation bike.
– Seat profile created with Computer Aided Design and then transferred via a laser profiled mould.
– Brackets and mounts for all bolt on items (Electrical, damper housings, plastics etc).
– Powder coated Satin Black.
– Plastics by Acerbis Motorsport.

Fuel tank:
– BMW R65 fuel tank, used for its smaller capacity and strong lower edge lines.
– Custom billet fuel cap, dubbed the ‘cookie-cutter’ due to its shape.
– Paint by Pro-Kustom.

– KTM 690R Enduro forks finished in Cerakote and 250mm travel.
– Rear damper made by Penske Racing Dampers and is custom designed for this build.
– Paralever swing arm discarded and swapped in favour of a R100RT mono swing arm.
– Swing arm and driveshaft extended by 100mm to increase rear suspension travel to 225mm.

– 320mm front disc with Brembo caliper.
– Rear drum brake converted to hydraulic, with an AP Racing master cylinder and Willwood slave. This allows no change in brake actuation with large suspension travel.
– Rear brake actuation inverted to ensure as much ground clearance as possible.
– Custom brake lines with Atec motorsport fittings.

Wheels and tyres:
– 21″ front and 18″ rear.
– Excel rims front and rear.
– Custom designed and manufactured billet rear hub. Allows larger spokes and modern 36 spoke configuration (BMW was 40). Also allows a balanced spoke configuration, which the OEM would not allow with such a large rear tyre.
– Front: 90/90 R21 Metzeler MC360 Hard.
– Rear: 140/80 R18 Metzeler MC360 Hard.

– Motogadget: M-unit, M-lock, Indicators, Dash
– Custom motorsport spec wiring and a large mass saving over the donor wiring loom.
– Main electrical module retained on an aluminium carrier frame that is only held on with 3 bolts.
– Dual BAJA DESIGNS XL Sport headlights.
– Rebelmoto switch-gear with colour coded LED’s to match desired warnings (No need for a warning dash panel).
– Antigravity battery under seat pan.

– Domino racing throttle with custom cables.
– Cerakote used throughout.
– Renthal handle bars.
– All breather lines plumbed into the central air filter to stop dust and mud getting into areas it shouldn’t.
– Finished weight is sub 160kg. Almost 40kg saved over the original!

Huge build and launch photo pack available.