One off Alonze Ducati

This isn’t your average “One off” bike. This is a genuine one of a kind bike with 90% of the bike hand
crafted by one person.

Powered by a 1995 model Ducati 600 engine.The bike starts, rides and stopes as it should but is also a work of art.

The bikes been featured on pipeburn

and also won their Bike of the year award 2019.,creation%20have%20never%20been%20higher.

A general overview of the hand made parts that make up the bike are:

Hand made trellis frame.
Trellis type swing arm.
Trellis girder forks.
Full titanium pie cut exhaust system.
Hand made carbon fiber monocoque body work.
Carbon fiber nose fairing.
Hand blown screen.
Full moto gadget electrics throughout, with bluetooth proximity start.
Intergrated LED turn signals
fully rebuilt engine.
And so much more, just too much to list…

This isn’t just a modified bike with different body work fitted, it is what we call a true one-of-one.

There is only this one and there will never be another like it.

If you want a bike in your collection that nobody else has or ever will have then this is the bike.If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me on 07973 266955.
Thanks, Jim.