‘Ten buck coffee’ 1979 CB750 DOHC. Built by west coast cafe custom builder Dustin Kott in 2018 and the 5th bike to have been initially raffled from a stock 750 rebuilt entirely from the ground up.

Dustin Kott is known for his low slung British cafe style and one of the few to make bikes of the kind on the west coast and as such, made a relative name for himself working largely on Honda engines over the years all with his signature leather seat cowl and detailing.

It’s quite rare that a Kott bike ends up in the UK – and may well be one of two in Europe.

One of the key differences in this machine is a decision to swap the stock petrol tank for a Yamaha 750 of similar year to offer a more sleek silhouette. Decisions like this are few, Kott preferring to keep components either factory new and stock, or modifying/changing parts to build upon the brilliance of the original machine where possible. Pure cafe principles and design ethics of function and form in equal measures.

This bike is a rare breed. Hopefully something to be owned by someone with the same passion.

For more information about technical specs, history of the build, story, or ultimately price, please feel free to get in touch.